Photo diary of Sanskritik Mandala VI

Sanskritik Mandala VI

(12.08.2019 – 09.09.2019)

Vilnius (Lithuania) and Tallinn (Estonia).

“Sanskritik Mandala” is an ongoing art project between Lithuania and India, or better to say – circulation of artists between two cultures, just as its title “cultural circle” (from Hindi lang.) presupposes. In 2016, it started as a non-commercial initiative to form a dialogue between two geographically and culturally distinct regions. The project aims to bring together artists and creators, inspire circulation and exchange of distinct artistic practices, represent contemporary, modern or even classical art as well as practices and tendencies of Indian art to Lithuanian audiences. Today project is being organized for the sixth time and becomes a well-established event of interdisciplinary art and culture.

The 6th part of cultural Mandala took place from August 12th to September 9th, 2019, this time stretching from Vilnius to Tallinn, Estonia. Programme of this year delivered variety of cultural happenings, such as individual creative work in artist residency, creative joint process of Indian-Lithuanian artists in our gallery space Galera as well as in Cultural Centre of Tallinn, open lecture about cinema industry of Mumbai, preview session of documentary “The Shepherds of Paradise”, creative workshop of Sanskrit language, cultural tours and meetings with other artists. Tallinn opened entirely distinct perspective by offering its artist residency of Kopper and interaction in Estonian Academy of Arts, and, of course, was an interesting destination for its famous art objects and museums. By expanding its activities into other Baltic states, “Sanskritik Mandala” aims towards new opportunities, growth and development.

Participants: Biluka Nirmala – PhD artist from Hyderabad city, implementing her conceptual artworks by interdisciplinary means, both materials and symbols used in her works aim to represent harmony of the Universe. Navjot Sohal – sculptor, immersed in subtleties of architecture and jewellery, who finds out original shapes and solutions for her artistic ideas, therefore elements of Lithuania will appear in series of her artwork. Another artist from India Likhita Mahajan – Kriščiukaitienė lives in Lithuania for a number of years, presents an artwork that symbolizes Lithuanian-Indian relationship: it speaks of inner conflicts, the opposition of body and mind. Photographer Jovita Ambrazaitytė continues her cyanotype experiments that she began in India. Painter Aušra Kleizaitė in her dynamic works explores cultural and aesthetic link between East and West.

The main theme of Sanskritik Mandala VI was deeply rooted in symbols as means of communicating with audience.  Symbols in artworks, in workshop of Sanskrit and every other event became the fundamental part of discussion that summarizes and unites project as one cultural bond between Lithuania and India.

Photo diary of Sanskritik Mandala V

SANSKRITIK MANDALA V (1.2.2019 – 28.2.2019)


Nowadays we cannot imagine our contemporary world without the daily boost of information about the other people all around the globe. But this knowledge is just a pile of various facts making little impact on us. The most important and potent here is a live interconnectedness between each other which gives the opportunity to feel and percieve ‘‘the other‘‘ more than while just looking at the computer screen. A real and active communication, an exchange of ideas and cultural values broadens and deepens our worldview and makes a space for creativity and novelty in various fields – be it a literature, social movement or an art.      

This sort of initiative to bring two different cultures together and promote interconnectedness has started last week in Guwahati (Assam), on the 1st of February, under the name of  Society‘s Art Development and Bilingual Cultural project Sanskritik Mandala V. The participants from Lithuania were invited for 4 week program to explore and immerse themselves into the local culture, history and art while in exchange representing and spreading the word of Lithuanian culture, folklore, history and art by implementing different activities and events for the public.

The participants of the project will have an opportunity to get some basic knowledge of Hindi language, meet local artists and explore Assamese culture by visiting various cultural spaces. Workshops on creative photography for students will be held and a cultural program ‘‘Lithuanian Day‘‘ will be organized at Guwahati University which will invite people to the screening of Lithuanian movie „Lituanie, my freedom“ .  A couple of public lectures on Lithuanian history and culture will be given as well .

The participants of Sansritik Mandala V project will also work on their art works and creative projects that will finally be presented at the Guwahati Artist‘s Guild, Chandmari Flyover, West Jyotinagar, Navagraha Hills. An openining of the exhibition on 16th of February will invite everybody to commemorate Lithuania’s Independence Day and celebrate it together with an additional cultural program.  

The participants of Sanskritik Mandala V: painter Ieva Sinkevičienė, photographer – journalist Regina Kubertavičienė, fine art photographer Jovita Ambrazaitytė, indologists Kristė Krupovickaitė and Nomeda Gabija Vosyliūtė. The project is organized by Circle of Creation – a cultural platform in Lithuania (estd. 2016) and NGO Parivartan Assam (A Space for Art, Culture, Nature and Adventure, est. 2008) in a collaboration with Asian Art Center (Lithuania).